Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mini-Rant #1

Dear Indie Authors:

Please stop posting poorly written summaries when e-publishing your books. Every time I see a blurb written with poor grammar, I want to hunt you down and slap you silly with overcooked linguine. If you expect consumers to take a chance on your book, you might want to start off by giving them the impression that you have, in fact, mastered the English language.




Shah Wharton said...

Simply things like spelling and punctuation can totally ruin all the effort they, and their editor (if they bothered to get one) put into the actual book. I hear that!

Elizabeth Lawrence said...

Careless errors give the reader the impression that no effort was put into the book itself. After all the work that goes into writing a novel, it seems insane to throw it away with a poorly crafted summary!